CAN YOU SAY TRASHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week we're gonna highlight some of the most tacky,unattractive and just down-right trashy mistakes that some of the most gorgeous ladies make when getting dressed.There is nothing more disgusting to see than a well-dressed woman strutting through the streets of Kingston in her cutest outfit and heels with bra-straps and thong sticking out,which makes her look cheap! which is not the look anyone should go for.
Under-wear as outer-wear is a trend that has been sweeping the nation since the Britney Spears era and although many ladies seem to think this growing trend is fashionable, the reality is that IT JUST LOOKS TRASHY !!!
Ladies believe me when I tell u this,the best way to get a guy's attention is not by exposing you're unmentionables for the whole world to see,it has been proven that most men like a woman who is willing to leave her goodies to the imagination.
Even more disturbing is when the fashion offender in que
stion,not only has the nerve to be flashing their delicates in public,but when the under-wear in question is unsightly(to put it politely).Yes ladies u know exactly what im talking about,the huge tent-like panties with the holes in them,the brassieres that look like they have seen better
days,not to mention the inside-shirts that look like they have been through the wilderness and back!!! Many may be offended to hear this but the raw truth must not be suger-coated,IT NUH LOOK GOOD!. In future ladies lets keep our private articles of clothing to ourselves and always remember that YOU CANT SAY THAT UR A HOT GYAL IF UR LOOKING LIKE  A  HOT MESS!
Gwen Stephani & Brittany Spears

Fashion Faux Pas In Progress