So he likes you.....what next????

Many persons have difficulty in transitioning from the" like" stage to the date stage, we tend to go over  board with how we behave, forgetting that this person already likes who we are already! Not who we pretend to be. The trouble is remaining the person that the  individual likes already and not try to be fictitious.
I have watched many of my friends go through the tiring cycle of relationships, they know that this person likes them but it is hard to transit from this phase to dating.One most notable problem is trying to "change", i question this, why do we attempt to change?  It's as if you forget that you already passed the first base in the courting scenario.So changing is totally not called for, i opt for you to remain the same person you were before, stop PRETENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he already noticed you like chocolate, so when you go on the date you don't need to pick at. it!!!!
Guys will say all the time, WOMEN ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!! to be honest this is very true!!!! with our crazy mood swings and incontestable emotions, we are downright crazy! what i'm trying to say is simple, Be you and when you go on that first date be the same person you were when he first met you. After all, he did meet the real you!!!!!